Whisper in my ear…

As Vancouver’s Rock’N’Roll Flapper, Lola Frost is best known for combining her anachronistic styles of vintage and modern – a true 1920’s starlet with a kiss of Ramones grit. Her pieces are a sensorial experience to behold; an elegant blend of dance, theater and fervent striptease. “She has incredible stage presence, plus a visceral physicality that demands to be watched and admired” – Tigger, The first King of Boylesque.

Performer, teacher and mentor, Lola is co-director of the Vancouver Burlesque Centre and an integral member of Sweet Soul Burlesque. She is an international, award winning and headlining performer who has had appearances at The Burlesque Hall of Fame, The Salome Cabaret and Teaseo-Ramma, been featured at Show Me Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival as well as The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival – where she has been awarded “Sexy, Sultry, Sizzlin’ Striptease” (2009) and “Most Dazzling Dancer” (2013). Miss Frost has headlined at the Colorado, Calgary, Windy City and Stockholm Burlesque Festivals as well as the Southwest Burlesque Showcase. In 2013 Lola was awarded 2nd runner up – Reigning Queen of Burlesque Miss Exotic World at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.

A published and noted writer Lola has been featured on the 21st Century Burlesque Magazine and Archer Magazine sites, in print for the Berlesker: Handcrafted Literary Journal and Quills Erotic Poetry Magazine along with keeping her own blog with a steadily growing following. She is proud to be a RED Burlesque Lipstick signature shade girl and to have been voted into the Top 50 industry figures of Burlesque by Burlesque Magazine 3 years running!


Title winner of 2nd Runner-Up in the Miss Exotic World Reining Queen of Burlesque Tournament of Tease 2013!
Voted #22 in the Burlesque Top 50 in 2012 and #13 2013.
Voted “Most Dazzling Dancer” at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival 2013.
Voted “Sultry, Sizzling, Stripteaser” at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival 2009.

RED Burlesque Signature Shade Girl – Lipstick for the new vixen.

Bookings – lolafrost@gmail.com

Press and Interviews :
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What they say :
“Lola is the personification of sensuality, truly a slow burn.” ~Trevor Jansen Photography
“She is sexiest woman I have ever met, and I know a lot of sexy women!” ~ Violet Femme of Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society
“She’s the stripper’s stripper.” – Iva Handful Queen of Kansas City Burlesque Festival 2013
“If Tinkerbell and the Spartan Army had a baby, Lola Frost would be it!” ~ Shelly Watson, NYC Producer & Performer
“Finally figured out a proper adjective for Lola Frost: Decadent.” ~ Kay Licious of Pink Velvet Burlesque


4 thoughts on “Whisper in my ear…”

  1. Karley Scovell said:

    I’m a student in the fashion design program at KPU and I’m doing burlesque for my final line. I doing some research on burlesque performers in Vancouver and I have a few questions if you wouldn’t mind helping me out! If you like you can e-mail me back to get my list of questions (there’s only 11!), that would be great.

  2. Grant Dunlop said:

    Hi there I’m a huge fan of yours here in New Zealand your so amazing talented and inspiring person plus a wonderful role model too so thank you for all the inspiration and pleasure you give and all the very best always from this grateful fan who admires you so much and take care.

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