Someone has a square sandbox.

When we were young and would play at a friend’s house, we had to abide by their rules: Your He-Man castle, your blanket fort, your sandbox – your rules. Now as adults, we have similar practices, only it becomes more refined. Your… wait, never mind, it is exactly the same thing. Swap the doll castle for a 4 poster bed and you’re on your way. Think of an adult sleepover. You’re in their home and respect that. They like the left side of the bed; you give it up. Although, in these situations, there can be great compromise as you are hopefully getting naked and meeting on mutual ground for playtime. For the most part, I am sure the neighbors like it when you come to visit, as trips to the fridge to get hydration are often pantsless with disheveled hair. MmmHmm. Sharing is caring. Continue reading “Someone has a square sandbox.”

Because, Summer.

There is something magical about the season of Summer. Perhaps because it comes and goes so quickly in Vancouver that we really feel the need to grab it and hold it against to our hot, sweaty, shiny bodies. Who in their right mind would not love a season where the clothes are few, smiles are big, eyes are hazy, days last forever and the mornings are bright and full of life.

It’s the perfect time of year to connect with nature, your friends, your friend in nature, or on your friends in nature. We walk slower, eat lighter, swim naked and have an enhanced libido from all the glorious exposed flesh. When the sun comes out I always think more people are getting tattoos, but in truth, they are just wearing less clothing.
How wonderful.

It’s the perfect time of year for a little romance, one that might turn into the perfect winter snuggle buddy, but no pressure. It’s Summer time let’s just enjoy, baby. We are indulging in sweet evening breezes that tickle sun kissed skin while lingering at the beach until dusk. We watch the great ball of fire set behind the ocean, to the symphony of the city livening up for an evening. Warmed to the core, our hungry eyes are always looking for more…

We can take pleasure in the simple things like a cool shower after the beach, a see through dress, not having to wear a bra and being able to check out anyone we choose behind our big, black sunglasses. The only thing giving you away is the arched eyebrow peeking over the top, and your posture getting a little straighter. For me it’s a little less subtle – with full head turns, a once over and an audible sigh of contentment. Man or woman, no one is safe from the appreciating eyes and my Frosty glances.

I do hope your Summer is treating you well Lovers, if you see me, come give me a warm almost too long hug and tell me about your adventures thus far. Tame or salacious I want to hear them all.



A casual Sunday in the Park.

A casual Sunday in the Park.

Working with Ned Tobin is always a pleasure, occasionally we make the neighbours uncomfortable with my lack of clothing and his lens pointed at me.
Click on photo for the whole set. Batter up!